Travelled alone
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It's has been my hoilday of dusherra started from today  till 12 september
As my sister leave away from home for her studies 
My family decided to send me to my sister's home 
But unfortunately They were thinking of sending me alone to sister's home
As it's quite bit of funny iam in 11th 
And i have never travelled alone
But i have travelled without my family As we go on a trip , tour or for sports regional meet 
which i have travelled with my friends and my school teachers 
But these time when yesterday i was heading to my sister's home 

I was alone nobody was with me not even my friends 
So finally after travelling all alone by myself and my parents and my sister keep calling after every 5 minutes
I finally reached at the bus stand and then then my sister picked me up
And after we go home.

That's All Awesome Went On!!!
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