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I have started blogging on 4th Feb 2011 For fun and just for fun i say to my friends that i have a website 

Previously about 1 week ago shubham and I created a social network called 
We have created these website in just 4 hours as there was a hot rumours in the world of internet that facebook was going to be stopped in 14 march 2011

So we thought it the best time to create a social network website because people will be in search of a good social website to hangout and we will be there 
And soon we had able to have 100 online registered users in our website
And then after we release that we are not in the world of social network website 
We soon released that there pratically 250million+ social network website 
so we drop the idea of to go on further 
but it had become a hot topic in my campus 
Everybody is asking me how you have created a social network
I don't tell them about it 
But as it subdomain
many of my created their own social network 
as it is so simple you have to just register an account at socialgo and you get your own social network website
But still it is a hot topic in my campus 
Few teachers and my friends are supporting me in my whole thing
As i said we lost interest in the whole socialgo website thing we dropped the idea 

So 4th Feb 2011 on these particular day i created i two blogspot website 
I have no particular idea whst the hell blogging word means
And i just created an account in
And started blogging for fun
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