Give My Two websites to Piyush
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It quite bit of funny when i previously was been disabled by google adsense 9 times
I still don't lost the faith in google adsense 4months ago 
I applied for adsense and got approved with in 3 hours 
Then i started thinking that whatever happens 
I am really going to work very hard this time 
So started writing some Interesting And Quality articles 
Peoples Also started commenting on my blogs
And i started generating some excellent traffic on my blog
All these give me great encouragement on blogging
Few months from now i started to think that i should have custom domain for my blog

So I started searching for every ascept that i can get a custom 
I even started sharing on my blog If there is any free domain contest giveaway by any website
Then i landed to in which i see a post get free domain from
Which i know about 5 months ago also
Then i comment on realindianfreebies that these website never give free domain to anyone
Then the comments go on that post 
Then realindianfreebies admin piyush started a contest for free domain in which the condition is simple you have to write about realindianfreebies domain giveaway on blog and share their website on different social sites
Then from realindianfreebies i got 
It's my first win of domain contest from all the domain contest i participated in
Then as the name suggests of 
I started adding some Quite interesting Tips , Tricks And Tweaks about Several Gadgets
Then all is going well 
In these mean time I also started two websites One which iam using as custom domain of
And the second one Is in Which i was adding some videos and songs and even movies
And After One week i got these message when i logged in to my adsense to check my earnings
It says you have been disabled From adsense because your account posses a potential risk to the advertisers which can destroy him financial
Then from after all my Earning of 4 months 73$ was gone 
It was 10th time That i got Disabled From Google Adsense
And then after i have no aim left to do blogging 
I have only 1 When I Was blogging is to make money 
Now when my google adsense account is disabled i got my aim lost 
So i decided to give my websites to my friends 
I asked my friend shubham tiwari if he is interested in having he's own website 
He say he is interested so i give him the domain password and username of
Now when today when i chatting with piyush he says that he's both adsense account is disabled  too 
And then i Told him I am not anymore interested in Blogging
So i have giving websites to My friends And family
Then He started can he have one 
I told him yeah of course Go to
And register an account there and then you are the admin of the website
And Then  i made him the admin of 
So now Piyush have two website I.E. 

It's been Irony to say that Once was given by piyush to me
And now after 1 month i am giving the As a wordpress self-hosted Blog
Which now He is admin Quite bit of Irony Uh!!

So Here i Came to give my two  website To Piyush.

That's All Awesome Went On!!!
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  1. nice one gaurav..

    You wrote everything which we talked..