completed 2 round of 50m
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  • yesterday i completed 50 m of swimming
  • as i was going for practice about 10 days
  • i was so sick that i could'nt even complete a single 50m
  • then @ yesterday when i dived in the pool 
  • i completed 4 round of 20m
  • approx 80m
  • but it was cold that i could hardly swim on it
  • but as i go on swimming i wasn;t feeling cold
  • but i was exhaushed by swimming 
  • then to keep me refreshing i do  a couple of dives
  • as dives make you feel refresh
  • but the last dive goes wrong 
  • it hurts solid in my chest
  • like i got hit by a 10ton rock
  • so it was 15 minutes for our swimming time to get completed
  • and my friends go out as they have to goto for their tusion classes
  • i decided to completed 50meteres
  • anything goes i don't have to stop
  • so as i goon swim 
  • 30 meters was best 
  • but left 20m was hard
  • i thought of stopping 
  • let anything happen i have to complete 50m
  • so finally atlast i completed 50m
  • it was like i reach the top of the mount. evres
  • then i thought if i could complete 1 time 50m
  • i could do 1 more time
  • so swim back but it was literally and physically the hardest to get it back
  • when going back i get exhausted of reaching 20m
  • but any how i managed to complete 50m 
  • that how it's done 
  • anything is possibile if you have the will and full determination
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