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today i had a lot of fun at school it was a quite good .apart from today quite a nice day . i was thinking of new blog that would be only related to only and only blogging,search engine optimision ,google page rank,alexa ranking ,using of proper tag and meta description ,using youtube and answers like site to boost your traffic of blog and your alexa ranking.
but apart from blogging my school is started and i cannot manage both the things at a time.
i had many websites and niche blog in which iam author ,admin, co-editor ,designer and contributor. so bascially i have many blog in which i have authored but iam the owner of the only one blog .
i just owned a single gauravekka.blogspot.com
and others sites are just in which iam just athouring
so here's the list of websites in which i just post my articles
trickjet.com - designer
trickjet.blogspot.com - author
trickhit.blogspot.com - not owned by me friend's blog
trickshared.blogspot.com -not owned doing just authoring
blogger.stolentricks.tk - owner as well administator
stolentricks.tk -owner ,designer,author as well as admin
flixya.com/user/gauravbelong15 - posting articles ,uploading photos and embedding bascially owned google inc.(google adsense)
please do comment if anybody interested in writing their articles on the above websites and blog.
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