It's a double treat
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today when i came from school it was a double treat awaiting for me.
when i just sat to eat my food .
my sis said that something has come from courier.
i checked it out and saw that it was the ontario magazine that i ordered  from for free
inspite i ordered for ontario calender .
well the magazine was for free so no disrespect it was the first time that i got something solid for free using internet.
so, now i know the power of internet inspite of just wasting your time to check other friends status on facebook you can do a lot of things just as 
my second treat was that i got 50rs recharge on reliance sim from facebook using embeepay app.

so guys! what are doing still checking your facebook friends status and chatting. internet is world that you make some decent money from it.
As indians says use the resources at it's full extent.

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