today i played cricket after a long time
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Today after along a long time i played cricket . It was a "awesome" match.
Our competitor score a 41 runs in 4 overs.
Then our innings starts it was 4 runs in 1 over with 1 wicket.
2nd over ends it was 10 runs with 2 wicket. 
3rd over 1st ball another wicket fall .
It was 10/3 in 2.1 overs .
Then i come to play we to achieve 32 runs in 11 balls. Golu was on strike and i was at non-striker ends 3.2 overs golu hits a 4 . 
SCORE 2.2 overs 14/3
To win 28 runs in 10 balls.
All of us that we are gonna lose the win. I will tell you the result atlast .
so we are at 28 runs in 10 balls.
golu take a single and finally iam on srike .
27 runs in 9 balls.
score 15/3 in 2.3 overs TARGET - 42 in 4 overs
I hit 2 sixes in a row .
so our score comes to 27/3 in 2.5 overs.
To keep the strike  i take a single.
score-28/3 in 3.0 overs
TO WIN 14 runs in 6 runs.
I was on strike .
Everybody is nervous we are at a situation that everything is possible.
The atomsphere of the ground heats up.
4th over 1st ball bowled .
I beat the ball.
TO WIN 14 runs in 5 ball.
4th over 2nd ball bowled
I hit a six.
Atomospher gets hits up.
SCORE- 3.2 overs 34/3 
TO WIN 8 runs in 4 balls.
I beat the 3rd ball.
SCORE-3.3 overs 34/3
I take a single at the 4th ball.
SCORE-3.4 overs 35/3
TO win 7 runs in 2 balls.
Golu was on strike.
He take a single at the 5th ball.
SCORE-3.5 overs 36/3
TO WIN  6 runs in 1 ball.
I was on strike everything got up very tensed.
NOW the final ball bowled.
And i got beat up.
FINALLY- So finally we lose the match.
But it was a exciting match.
I scored 20 runs in 8 ball.
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  1. so sad dude. But today we won bcoz of a special innings from me. After 3 months played cricket so I was very angry bcoz of not giving chance by team today I proved myself. I hit 2 sixes and a boundary. The longest sixes , the ball landed on lala's home 2 times in a row. Happy coz I won 100 rs. We won without losing a wicket.

  2. we won from danish colony. A team full of cheating tricks.

  3. dude i have a good news for u.