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started going to swimming . it's actually fun but one drawback is that we get only 1 hour for our swimming . today our swim teacher DADA doesn't even bother to teach something about swimming or how should u swim . surfed on net about 12 hours i'm still downloading the season 4 of how i met your mother it may take 1 day more. today shubham came evening and as regularly we go for walking and eventually we met adtiya who i met today at earlier also and then abhishek dwivedi came we three of us goes on talking about all boys stuff and we go abhishek gauraha where we had a talk long as 1 and a half hour and it was quite an interested talk and then it's 8:30 we leave and i'm started telling him the story of movie that i watched last night.
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  1. i never knew u r capable of this much and i also never knw that u mentioned me in ur diary. It was really an awesome day