Vivek v/s shubham fight
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Today in the last period i witnessed a fight between my two good friends
  • Vivek
  • Shubham [mostly called as babla]
I don't know what might be the reason for there fighting but as i can guess that it would have start like Vivek teasing shubham just like he did to everyone with always a humor in it. But Shubham took a different approach of replying to his comment by punching his face rather than talking to him. 
I was standing very close to them where they were fighting i could have stopped it before anybody could get hurt. But i don't know what got in to me that i don't stop the fight. Usually i am the one that take the initiate to stop the fight but today neither i or somebody else stopped the fight or separate them. After vivek got hit badly in his face, mouth and started bleeding than after everybody came into senses and separated both. After the fight was over i feel some guilt in me even though me and some others boys separated but we could have done the same before it goes to extreme level. 
In the end, Prevention is always than cure.

The Vampire Diaries Addiction
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Just after completed watching Supernatural all seasons in this summer. I searched for when supernatural season 8 will arrive in Tv. But couldn't find else that supernatural with the vampire diaries is renewed for another season. I on one website saw the Vampires Diaries reviews about the highest tv rating show in america. So i Downloaded all the three season from FzTvseries and it really worth downloading as previously my top 3 favourite American Tv Shows goes like this
  • How I Met Your Mother
  • Teen Wolf
  • Supernatural
Now after this Summer watchin' HIMYM season 7,Supernatural too Season 7 and all the seasons of THE VAMPIRE DIARIES. My favourite Tv shows list goes
  • Supernatural
  • How I Met Your Mother
I can tell you how awesome was watchin' THE Vampire Diaries as i watch all the three season's episodes totalling 66 episodes in just 3days and one think i can tell you it's binds you to watch the episodes one by one like you are compelled to watch it.
How ever if you want to Watch THE Vampire Diaries on Android

working with google authorship markup
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Google rolled new feature in search engine result page like if you have written the articles then your picture will be displayed next to you but it's hard and simple to get it.
Hard means if you don't setup the correct markship you could screw.
Simple means just use default templates offer by and add gadget profile and save it.
Then goto your google plus profile and then edit in about page and in contributor section add your website then save .